söndag 24 mars 2013

Django "no-chainz" Soundtrack

The latest Quentin Tarantootie blood bath came with a western twist, naturally including Italian falsetto scores. Not to mention the best of the best scenes from the movie according to the creator himself, including Five-Thousand-Dollar Nigga's and Gummy Mouth Bitches and In That Case Django, After You.... What I am talking about is the Django Unchained Soundtrack with 24 diverse tracks with various scenes from the movie in them. Strongest oldschool track would be  Unchained with Tupac and James Brown, keeping it real as usual. Strongest old-oldschool track is Nicaragua by Goldsmith, for sure. For all Italians, the Ancora Qui should put you in your place. 

Still, this might be a bit difficult for most of the sponge-head mainstreamers out there, so to level the playing field, try Too old to die young, which is easy-listening for the most. Personal favo is 100 Black Coffins with Rick Ro$$, while the most soul-ful is Who did that to you? by John Legend. Optimal if you like wailings. The smooth Trinity by Franco Micalizzi & Annibale, known for their spaghetti western tracks from way back when. Finally, probably the best track if not for the distrotions in the background Ode To Django by the baddest man alive, 43-year old, Robert Fitzgerald Diggs or RZA, the leader of the Wu-Tang clan. Seen to the right. Something for all of us, then.

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