söndag 17 mars 2013

2 chainz and true stories

Tauheed "Tity Boi" Epps is a 36 year old Georgian that sometimes refers to himself as 2, douce or 2 Chainz because he thought Tity Boi is derogatory towards women. This has not stopped him from eating cake in the shape of a lady's derriere as in Birthday Song at 0.40 (or in the pic to your right). This track is furthermore the strongest on his first studio album Based on a T.R.U. Story, with Ye making an appearance on a bicycle with breasts on top.
     Although mindless rhyming (sometimes not even actually rhyming) is standard in today's post-gangsta-rap hip-hop scene, the sense of self-irony that shines through albums like these is a pleasant relief from grimacing tough guys who make songs about what tough guys they are. In this respect, the vocal style of 2 is similar to that of Jay-Z but to a lesser degree predictable (and understandable overall) - just listen to I feel good.

On second place of hottest tracks, I Luv Dem Strippers with seriously self-ironic and blond pink-lips Nicki Minaj with a hundred thousand dollar engine. Do not miss the track Wut We Doin with 2 making sounds in the background. Not bad. Finally, Crack about cr'nack and his biography. 

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