söndag 17 februari 2013

Santigold and becoming the master of our make believe

Santi White is a Philly chick that previously called herself Santogold before changing the first "o" for an "i". She is a singer of that great genre known as undefinable music, sometimes referred to as indie or alternative or nu-"something", depending on the reviewer at hand. Master of My Make Believe features a plethora of strong tracks, starting with Fame, that really kicks in at 43 seconds, as a surprise for those patient enough. Ratatatian This isn't our Parade blends the various instruments with the clarity of the deep vocals of Santi. Likely most known Disparate Youth (for obvious reasons) also comes in a Disparate Youth remix by 2 Bears who bring in a dimension of bass that previously was unaccounted for. I correctly identified the presence of Karen Lee Orzolek (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) in Go amidst vocals and composition otherwise reminiscent of MIA. Best video track is for sure The Keepers depicting the crap-ification of America with toxins in the artificial foodstuffs and fashionable chemo-therapy wigs for the collective dying breed. The Riots Gone shows a more mellow side of Santi, for those who like to relax from time to time. Finally, Pirate In The Water with all kinds of crazy sounds - I could swear I heard someone playing Super Mario 64 in the background. This album exemplifies what happens when unabridged imagination meets talent. Check it out.

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