söndag 17 februari 2013

Claire Boucher's visions

Grimes, pictured to the left is not a 14 year old girl, but a 24 year old Canadian musician who released the hit album Visions last year. The sounds features electronics and shrill voices (I am assuming hers), pioneered by Swedish siblings of The Knife a decade ago, and brought beyond to mysterious lands by this Canuckian lass. Nightmusic does what The Knife were never able to do, framing the sound in classical violins among the heavy bass, more closely resembling that of M83 but inducing hypnosis all through the song. The new-age, alternative, indie, whatever-you-call-it love song Skin (with a messed up unofficial video) deserves recognition for entering spheres that most people of electronics recoil in horror from at the mere thought. Don't miss Symphonia IX (My wait is u) that for some reason got me thinking of Spank by Naked and Famous from New Zealand. Be a body is worth a mention, with the 侘寂 symbols denoting Wabi-sabi - the acceptance of imperfections. Finally, the most massive track Oblivion should not pass unheard, but rather round off the whole sound experience.

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